When It’s Time To Seek Addiction Treatment Services

Posted on: April 25, 2017 by in Alcohol Rehab
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Are you unsure whether you or a loved one is on the edge?

They are a few signs to look for when things are getting out of your control, when the occasional joint becomes the everyday joint.

When the occasional beer is the first thing you grab in the morning, or when you or a loved one cannot function properly without taking way too many prescription drugs.

If you want to find out if addiction treatment services are a must, read on.

We created a list of 5 signs that will help you figure out if addiction treatment services are a must or not.

 1. Driving a car while drunk or high

Someone who is driving a car while drunk, high, or intoxicated is a danger to others too.

No matter the driving experience, drugs of any kind, even prescription drugs, can cloud your judgment.

The most dangerous addicts, for both themselves and for others around them, are the ones who engage in dangerous behaviors without admitting that they have a problem, or that they might need addiction treatment services.

2. Health issues appear due to alcohol or your drug of use

If a doctor tells you or to a loved one that health issues appeared due to drug usage, this is a serious sign that addiction treatment services are needed.

If you delay treating the issue, the harmed caused by the drugs can be irreversible. Certain drugs such as opiates can lead to permanent brain damage, while stimulants can cause heart attacks and psychosis.

3. The addict denies the addiction and has harmful behaviors

One of the toughest parts of seeing a loved one suffering from an addiction is convincing them that they need help.

Worse, the behavior of the addict changes, ranging from aggressive behaviors to suicidal thoughts.

When the brain is under the influence of drugs, it is really hard to get a message across to the addict.

4. The addict lost his/her job or had issues focusing on work

One of the biggest issues with addiction is that the drug becomes the focus of the addict’s life.

Everything gravitates around the next drink, the next pill, etc.

They cannot focus on the daily task anymore, nor can they plan and prioritize their daily schedule properly

5. The addict tried quitting but withdrawal symptoms kicked in

Another obvious sign that addiction treatment services are needed is when the addict is no longer in denial, but the addiction is so strong, and the withdrawal symptoms are so powerful, that medication is needed.

In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can become deadly when ignored.

When addiction treatment services should not be delayed

If you or a loved one went trough any of these stages, help should be sought right away.

Drugs addiction, both alcohol and prescription drugs, can ruin the lives and the health of the addict as days go by. But it cannot be fought without help.

If you want to find out more about battling addictions and types of addictions do not hesitate to take a look at our blog.

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