How To Support Family Members in Drug Rehab Facilities

Posted on: April 25, 2017 by in Drug Rehab
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In a world where around 9% of Americans need help with a drug or alcohol addiction, there’s a good chance all of us have a friend or family member in a drug rehab facility.

Are you wondering how you can properly support your family members dealing with an addiction in rehab facilities? This can be a messy process, and many people while well-meaning and loving don’t know exactly how to properly help.

We put together a guide to supporting family members in drug rehab facilities so you can be the supportive friend you want to be.

Check out our informative guide below!

How To Support Family Members In Drug Rehab Facilities

During this difficult time in your family, you can do much more than you may think you can.

Recognize That They Are Being Taken Care Of

Once your family member is taken into a drug rehab facility in their area, family and friends may feel concerned or worried about who will be caring for them. Drug rehab facilities are not a prison or a psych ward– your family member is not being imprisoned or held against their will. They can leave any time they want.

Medical professionals, psychologists, and drug addiction specialists staff drug rehab facilities. Your family member is in good hands, where they will receive therapy, health care, and support as they work towards sobriety.

No matter what type of addiction your family member is affected by, a drug rehab facility will be able to help them fight their disease.


If you yourself have battled addiction before, it’s much easier to be compassionate towards a family member in a drug rehab facility.

However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be anger or sadness lingering. Especially if your family member’s addiction has led them to lie, cheat, or steal from you.

It’s important to be more compassionate and less resentful as you work to support them in a drug rehab facility.

Understand Confidentiality

It may be frustrating to deal with confidentiality restrictions and privacy laws while your family member is in rehab. Staff members and doctors are usually unable to give you information on your family member’s condition.

Trust your family member when you visit in rehab to release the information they deem appropriate. Don’t take the legal wall too personally– it’s for their own good.

Go To Family Therapy

This is absolutely the most important thing you can do for your family member in rehab.

Most rehab facilities will offer a family therapy session or two where you and your loved one will meet with a counselor. This type of therapy brings in more people in your loved one’s life to help them with their addiction.

It may be hard or uncomfortable, but going to family therapy is the best way to help your family member in rehab.

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